Embedding Google Forms into your Squarespace Site

Last updated June 15th 2022

Google Forms is another brilliant Google application that we find ourselves using more and more. It’s not the most pretty (for that, you’ll want to start giving paperform your money), but it works well and has plenty of features to let you superpower your website’s purchase funnel.

We’re going to walk you through the basics of getting Google Forms to work with your site, but there are a few things you’ll need before we get going:

  1. A ‘Business Plan’ on Squarespace (this is a requirement for embedding iFrames)
  2. A Google Account

1. Create the Form

You can find the Google Forms application by clicking here. We’re not going to cover how to make a form in this post but there are plenty of resources to help you learn, the best place to start is probably Google’s Support area, as it is usually kept pretty up-to-date.

2. Create the HTML

Now that you’ve made your form (that was quick!), you need to embed the form into a Squarespace code block using some HTML. Luckily for us, Google is very good at this sort of thing, and you can get the necessary code by pressing send,

selecting the Code icon on the “Send via” menu, and copying the code in the “Embed HTML” box (or just pressing the copy button at the bottom!).

3. Embed the Form

Now you need to create the block in Squarespace to paste the code. You’ll need to create a Code Block,

and then simply paste in the Code, easy peasy!

One slight change that we personally recommend, is to change the section that says width=”640” to width=100% as this will centre the form on your page.

Once you press apply, you’re done! The form should immediately appear on your page and will let you easily collect information from your users for free.

Some final notes

Here are a few sign-off notes of things we’ve found useful while using Google Forms:

Don’t miss your responses! Get notified by email by clicking on the “Responses” tab in Google Forms, clicking options and selected “Get email notifications for new responses”

Want your forms to automatically send email responses? Check out this incredibly handy guide by Jeffrey Everhart teaching you how to do just that. Note of warning though, it does involve a bit of basic coding knowledge!
Alternatively, there are plenty of Google Forms Add-ons that can do just that, but word of warning – many of these are free but will have most of the features locked behind a pay-wall. Don’t get caught out!

Form not loading properly or having issues with mobile devices? Try disabling Ajax loading on your site. It’s best to avoid this if you can, as Ajax loading can be very good for your site, but it may be a necessary sacrifice for the purchase funnel to work properly!

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